Your Invoices Paid Today.

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Most trades and construction businesses in Canada often have to wait 30-90 days to get their invoices paid, but why wait we will fund your invoice now for a small fee. Call or Message us and you are good to go in a 24 hours. We have over 40 years of construction and finance experience and want to help you unlocking your money.

Free Up Your Cash-Flow

Cash-flow is essential for growing and running your business.

Thats why we created to help you grow your business by unlocking the money sitting in your invoices, simply put we buy your invoice and pay you within 24 hours minus our fee and when the money is due on the invoice your payer pays us and thats it.

We like to get to know your business as that is the way we can really get to help you so it all starts with a talk face 2 face via phone, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger and then you are ready to fund your first invoice.


Getting Started


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FaceTime or FB Messenger

We chat over FaceTime or Facebook messenger and get to know your business and you in some details, so we can service you in the best possible way and get your account up and running in no time at all.


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Depending on your trade we'll need copies of Trade Licence, Driver licence, business insurance, 3 month bank statements and most important a void cheque so we can get you set up in our system and access to your capital.


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Reference Check

We check with a few of your references to hear more about your great work and ensure we're all on the same team. We hope you one day soon will give us a great reference on our Facebook page in return when we have shown you great work in return.



Upload Your Invoice

Time to fund your invoice, simply take a photo of the invoice and or a PDF, and send it to us.  We'll quickly verify the invoice with the person paying it and then send you your funds after you have transported payment of that invoice to us.



Get Paid!

We pay you $850 of a $1000 invoice amount within 24 hours and when we get paid by the payer in 30 days, we pay you additionally $100 of the invoice amount, in case it take longer like say 60 days we pay you $50 of the invoice amount to you and if it takes 90 days then. Basically its $50 fee per $1000 invoice per 30 days for a maximum of 90 days.


Ready For Capital?


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